pattern inspiration: the Walker Treasury Project

Today Interweave Knits’ Knitting Daily store released their Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke sweater for purchase – came right to my emailbox, it did. Being a giant fan of cables I remember running across this pattern and thinking that particular cable would be a great cuff treatment for my now waiting-patiently Wheat Frost mitten pattern. So I decided to Google the motif just to see what else our universe’s clever knitters have done with it. The result was an incredible treasure: I stumbled across the Walker Treasury Project, a volunteer-run visual swatch library of Barbara Walker’s published motifs and stitch patterns.

And such was my luck, it included the Wheat Ear Cable.

Wheat Ear Cable

Walker’s books have always been a treasure-trove of lace, cable, and color inspiration for me.

What a joy to see some of the graphs knit up and shared for posterity.

The photography is great – this is sure to be a source of inspiration for many knitters.

Vine Lace

Just look at this sample of vine lace.

Makes you want to go knit, doesn’t it?

What wonderful, generous people knitters are.

So to the folks at the Walker Treasury Project get my hat tip o’ the day. Thanks!


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