welcome little one


My nephew Roary is finally here. What a cutie.

Welcome Roary!



OK I’m just gonna have to knit me a pair of these.

Egyptian mittens

Those mittens just sing, don’t they?

Tuulia, you are amazing!  Those are some beautiful mittens.

Verdant Foliage

Something verdant just in time. Nice pattern. This was a quick knit, though I had to add 1/2 patt repeat and an extra row of ribbing to make it fit properly using Manos. I knit size one.

Foliage 1 The Manos really made the texture pop on this pattern.

Foliage 2

Finished cowl, and swatches

Finished the cowl for a certain teacher yesterday. I ended up using 10.5 circs, 1 skein of Cascade Chunky Baby Alpaca and using a kitchener join for a seamless finish. It took two days; I’m pretty happy with the results.

cowl up closecowl

I’m now on to swatching Manos for a hat.  Three swatches, on US 7, 8, and 9.

swatch manos US 7swatch manos US 8swatch manos US 9

Now I just need to figure out which fabric I like best.  I think the fabric on size 7 needles is a bit too tight; it doesn’t allow the Manos to show off it’s thick and thinny goodness.   Probably the size 8 fabric will be best for a hat – Chicago winters get plenty cold.

Last minute Xmas knitting

I should really be knitting right now.

That’s pretty much where I’m at, trying to finish those last minute gifts.  The delectable pull of knitterly reading and fireside chats with friends makes it hard to knit!  That, plus I get lazy in the winter.

Right now I’m finishing a quickie cowl in chunky Cascade alpaca.   Still have half a mermaid glove to go, and a hat. We’ll see…

Welcome to my knitting blog

Welcome to my knitting blog.